Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trick and tips for windows 8

Microsoft starts with Windows 1.0 version in 1987 and now at the last of the ending of 2011 they lunched Windows 8 developer version. And the middle period they lunched more versions of windows. Windows XP and Windows 7 was the more popular from the other version. Recently Microsoft relished Windows 8 Developer version for their user. Windows 8 is something different from the others version because they make some change with windows 8. So today I am going to show you some basic tips for windows 8 which is different from others version.

Installation Process:

First of all you need to know installing process of windows 8 in your computer. Installation process is same like as windows 7 but you will get some difference at the last of installation process but you can do it very easily.
Screenshot: My computer In windows 8  Credit: markib

The Metro Home Screen:

You will notice the change of windows 8 from log on screen.  Metro start screen will appear, with some features you can click one of them to start any of them. You can also remove or add any program from there.Press start button or ESC to go your desktop.

Start Menu:

Another change in start menu. You will see a new start menu which is different from the windows XP & windows 7. When you press start then metro screen will appear and again press ESC to back your desktop.But in developer version you can find every program as like as Win 7.

Run Any Program:

For run any application you need to use run command. Personally I can't find All program, Accessories, and many others menu in windows 8 developer version. So I think it is the better way to run any program by Run command. Press Start+R to start run command.

For An Example: If you want to run Notepad then write notepad.exe or for painting mspaint in run command box.

Task Manager:

Task manager also different from previous. And task-bar also different. You need to press start+tab for running application. And you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del for task manager.
Control panel:

You can manage your computer from control panel same as before but its looking different from the previous. You can run your control panel by Start+R then write control.

Internet Explorer:

New windows coming with new version of internet explorer with full screen appear and touch supported. You can pin a site by right-clicking your Metro screen. If you like the old-style Internet Explorer interface then you can open it by Windows Key[start]+1.

Check Weather:

New Windows will give a new experience with weather meter. You can check your weather with internet settings. You need to provide your location information.

How To Shutdown:

To force shutdown in windows 8 you need to press Alt+F4 when you are in desktop.

Note: We cant provide Some screenshot . But very soon we will try to add new post with more screenshot and video tutorial.


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