Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Change a Computer Name in the XP Command Line

If you own a Windows XP computer, during the initial registration of the computer you would have been required to enter a computer name for your system. If your XP computer was bought used, unless you or the person you purchased it from restored the system to its factory settings, your computer will already have a name. If you want to change the name of your computer, it is possible to do by using your computer's command line. 



       1: Install the Windows XP support tools. These tools will be in the "Tools" folder on the XP CD-ROM that should have come with your computer. You will need these tools installed to make a name change from the command line.

      2:  Access the command line through your computer's "Start" menu. Once the menu opens, type "cmd" into the search box. This will bring up the window with a command line.

      3:  Type "netdom renamecomputer (computer name) /newname:(desired computer name) /userd(domainname\administrator_id) /passwordd:* /usero:(local_admin)
        /passwordo:* /reboot:(number of seconds before you would like computer to reboot)". This command will handle the entire process from rename to reboot. Fill in all of the parts in parentheses with the information requested. If you do not want to reboot right away, leave the last forward slash and everything that follows it out of the command.

       4: Click "Yes" if you receive a confirmation prompt. Since renaming the computer may change some of your system rights, the computer wants to ensure that you want to continue. If you are sure about your changes, clicking "Yes" will allow the computer to proceed.

      5:  Reboot your computer. If you choose not to reboot your computer at the time that you make the name change, your name won't take effect right away. In order to make the name change valid, you must reboot.

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