Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Kick Everyone From A Counter Strike Source Server

1. Place Buffer1.cfg and Buffer2.cfg in your cfg folder. If it doesn't exist, make it
(see below)
(Commonly C:\User\program files\steam\steamapps\Account name\counter-strike

2. Go in game, open the developer's console, and type in the following (you may change
bind key):
Bind M "wait;exec Buffer1;exec Buffer2"
(If developer's console doesn't open, go to options, keyboard, advanced, enable
developer's console)

3. Go in game and rapidly hit the M key to crash the server. Depending on how fast
you hit it, it should
take anywhere from 15-30 seconds to crash. Don't stop hitting the key until you get a
"Client # has overflowed reliable channel." 

Link to Buffers: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2RTOUUBU
Or check:           G:\X-file\Stuff\Buffer Overflow.rar

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