Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 4 and IE9: The Browser War Continues

A Peek Under The Hood of Mozilla Firefox 4

Amidst the outbreak of updates and upgrades of internet browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, many of you may have missed what Mozilla Firefox has in store for you. And this recent milestone release has already conquered the ‘internet browser arena’ since it was made available in at least 10 beta forms- the Firefox 4. It can now be downloaded for your use and enjoyment.
What is new with Firefox 4? What can users of internet browsers expect from this new release from Mozilla? What makes it unique from other internet browsers?
The growing web browser Mozilla released Firefox 4 to hold command more on market share compared to non-Microsoft browsers. Firefox 4 is a version that comes with a number of significant upgrades and is equipped with a lot of useful features. It is six times faster than its forerunners. Mozilla Firefox 4 has a new minimalist interface, coupled with sync and panorama features. Some of these current upgrades will definitely rock the converts of other internet browsers.
Whether you download it or not, here is a glimpse of what is new and worthwhile with Firefox 4. If you are in doubt, you can have a test drive and discover the features for yourself!!!
  • Security: More Secured. If you are concerned that your internet history might be viewed and examined by just anyone, you can trust that Mozilla Firefox 4 can help with this security hole. Firefox 4 will have a security feature that will keep knowledge of the sites you have visited safe and secured.
  • Tops Tabs. Firefox 4 has got rid of the rather common and outdated interface where the tabs are located below. Now, as with Opera and Google Chrome, Firefox has adopted the interface wherein tabs are place on top that prioritize the names of the sites you are browsing.
  • Pin As App Tab. Unlike the previous versions, Firefox 4 can easily allow you to turn any tab into an “App Tab.” The App Tab is great for all those users who keep tabs open all day. If you are constantly on Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, you can (right click) “Pin As App Tab” them so they will stay put in the upper left-hand corner of the browser. When there are any new updates or notifications of these tabs, they will only glow to alert you which is rather stylish.
  • One-Button Menu. As all menu buttons are strip off from the top in favour for the tabs, Firefox 4 made it easy for users to navigate by offering a single access button for the menu. The orange Firefox button at the upper left of the browser will provide users the access to every Firefox command including history, print, and customization features.
  • Syncing to Multiple Devices. Firefox 4 has the capability of synching your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and open tabs to multiple devices like other computers and smartphones.
These are just some of Mozilla Firefox 4’s unique features and functionality. It also includes HTML5 Support, improved JavaScript speed, multi touch support for Windows 7, new CSS3 feature for better animation, support for multithreading using Web Workers feature, and more!!!

Running Firefox 4 with Firefox 3

Are you one of those who have downloaded the Firefox 4 Release Candidate because you can’t just wait for the final release of Firefox 4? If yes, you might have had already discovered and enjoyed the many features that Firefox 4 can provide. It must have given you another web browsing experience far from other browsers can offer.
But if you are ready to let go of your Firefox 3.6, you can run Firefox 4 RC with it devoid of overwriting the previous version and transferring all your internet information to the new version. This can be done by following the steps shared at Business Insider: How To Test Firefox 4 Without Getting Rid of Firefox 3. By doing these simple steps, you can even run both at the exact time in Mac OS X without any conflict or delay. These instructions will work well with any versions of Firefox.

A Glance on Microsoft’s IE 9

Although competitors have been moving faster, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is ready to face an even tougher market since IE 8. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 are creating was to be at par with what other web browsers offer their users. Its release just this March 14 has advertised it with its tag line “beauty of the Web.” It is an artsy way of saying that IE 9 can catch up with its competitors in terms of its support for web standards and performance.
This new release of Microsoft bears no resemblance to its earlier versions. IE9 has a stripped-down interface just like Chrome. Internet explorer controls are packed in a single strip of toolbar icons and tabs to represent open pages. Other improvements in its user interface include security-enabled download manager, address bar search, add-on performance advisor, and more.
More improvements can be expected with regards to Internet Explorer 9’s User agent string, extensibility, Web typography, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Document Object Model (DOM), and JavaScript engine.



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